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Status Future consideration
Categories Salesforce
Created by Erin Ward
Created on Feb 28, 2023

Associate the Salesforce Account ID with Aha! ideas portal users via SSO

Some of my customers work for large organizations that we have broken down into many accounts in Salesforce. The customers who access the idea portal are associated directly with the Salesforce account and that account might have the same email domain associated with it as other Salesforce accounts. In these examples, mapping the SF email domain to the Aha! org email domain doesn't work as it pulls in all portal users for the larger organization, rather than those directly associated with the account. In these instances, I'd like to tie the portal user directly to their Salesforce account by syncing over the account ID.

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  • Marianne Gutshall
    Apr 14, 2023

    This request is very important to my organization as well. We are unable to pull accurate reporting for ideas based on the business value / ACV of the requesting customers because the linking to the correct Salesforce organization via domain is inaccurate for us.

    Rather, we know each user (login is required to participate in our ideas portal) and would like to be able to reliably associate the contact to the correct organization (based on mapping the organization ID and from the contact's account). Without this ID-based contact to org mapping, our aha! idea reporting is wildly inaccurate for PMs to report on # of organizations and corresponding ACV associated with the newly requested feature/idea.

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