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Status Shipped
Categories Salesforce
Created by Sara Olson
Created on Jun 2, 2022

Allow for a unique identifier to match on in the SF integration

We have multiple accounts with the same name in Salesforce, like Boeing (accounts for each location). In order to select the correct org from a drop down, e.g. to assign an idea to an org, we have appended each account with the client id (so it appears in the dropdown). Whenever a user enters an idea on an account in Salesforce, it is creating a duplicate account in Aha (because the names no longer match due to client id). This is too manual of an effort to continue to clean up. The alternative is to provide additional information in dropdowns so that the correct org can be selected.

    Jul 19, 2022

    We have shipped an update that will prevent duplicate organizations from being created in this case.

    Now when an organization has been linked to Salesforce, then renamed in Aha!, new ideas will automatically be associated with the renamed Aha! organization rather than creating a new one.

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