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Status Future consideration
Categories User management
Created by Rej Talagtag
Created on Oct 25, 2023

Add unique identifiers for idea submitters

Who would benefit?

Idea Submitters, Admins and POCs

What impact would it make?

Avoid merging user information between old and new idea submitters with the same name and contact details

How should it work?

Currently, the only identifier used to determine/distinguish idea submitters in Aha! is through their email addresses.

Our company is repurposing email addresses of resigned/terminated employees to the new hires only if they have the same first and last name, and this creates confusion for the new hires since they are seeing activities of old employees once they access their Aha! account. This does not happen to our other applications (all company applications are integrated into centralized active directory, thus uses the same user credentials, and pull the same user records) except to Aha! as our other apps have unique identifiers to determine/distinguish user records - such as Employee ID and NT Login.

Can we add the same to Aha! ?


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