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Status Future consideration
Categories Salesforce
Created by Vered Yosub
Created on Nov 11, 2019

Ideas coming from an Aha customer portal to be linked to the account in SFDC automatically

When a customer submit an Idea in our Customer facing portal the Idea should be linked automatically into that users account on SalesForce,

Today we are able to go into SFDC and manually search for the Idea for that user and link the account to the Idea, We would like to have that automatically as part of the integration.

We want to have a single source of truth on our account.

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  • Guest
    Apr 11, 2023

    My organization is looking for this too. We have our customers use the portal which integrates with SF for SSO and brings over the account/organizations. Separately, we wanted our CSM and sales teams to be able to see the ideas linked to these accounts within SF. With the integration in it's current form we can have CSM's enter ideas on behalf of a customer, but since they can't see all of that account's existing ideas they can't speak to their ideas without involvement of the PM team to extract this data out of Aha! for them.

  • David Bowen
    Jan 31, 2023

    Agree with this, to ensure visibility across our global CSM team, our PMs would need to login to SF and create / link ideas there in addition to our ideas portal. This would be a great benefit in reducing the PM admin tasks and ensuring CSMs can have effective discussions with our customers.

  • Guest
    Aug 2, 2022

    Without this functionality, I am unable to drive adoption of Aha within my company as the majority of my internal users are Sales and Success employees that use SFDC as their source of truth. Adding this feature would take Aha Ideas from "handy tool some teams use sometimes" to "core component of our sales motion"

  • Aleksandra Boiko
    Nov 29, 2021

    This is also valid idea for us. As we need to keep all information about feature requests in Salesforce.
    Currently we are using AHA portal for our customers to add ideas, after that we are linking in AHA organization (our customer), but it's not displayed in Salesforce.
    So then we need to go to Salesforce and to add it from there, which is too much manual work.
    Would be great to have this process automated.

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