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Create an Assign to Preference in Personal Settings

This is based on a hack I use to reverse a default AHA T0-Do assignment behavior. Create a Reviewer account name "Unassigned". Create a NEW Personal Setting "Default To-Do Assignment:" Change the Default To-Do Assignment from my self to "Unassigne...
Frank Fuchs about 2 years ago in Account settings 1 Future consideration

Provide more data formatting options in equations

When using the dateformat function, it would be nice to have more documented options for the data format. For example, there is an undocumented “D” option in the formula that returns the day of the week 1-7. If there are specific date formats that...
Austin Merritt about 2 years ago in  0 Future consideration

Bulk Delete for files , and don't default to ADO integration - Attachments

Whoops. I accidentally set up the ADO integration to include attachments, and now I've got hundreds of ADO development files in my beautiful AHA portal "Workspace Files" section. I've now switched off the attachment synchronization, but left with ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0 Future consideration

Add ability to vote on ideas on behalf of Aha! users via API

In some situations you need to associate votes on ideas submitted via the API to an Aha! user, so that vote restrictions on idea portals are handled properly (for example, total number of votes per user). Right now, when submitting a vote via the ...
Austin Merritt almost 3 years ago in  0 Future consideration

Make it easier to find list of features in a release

On release details, the number of features in the release is shown. This is a small link that will take you to a list of these features. However, it is easy to miss. This should be moved to the new "Quick links" section so it is easier to find. Cl...
Austin Merritt almost 3 years ago in  0 Future consideration

Moving a product outside of its hierarchy should retain layouts

In the following situation, a product's layouts will be reset to the default layouts: Create product under a product line Set the layouts to inherit the product line's layouts Edit the product to remove its parent product line (i.e. move it to the...
Austin Merritt over 3 years ago in  0 Future consideration

Private Portal End User Signup - notify Admin to authorize the account if not partner/employee

When using a private portal the "end user" can attempt to create an account on there own. If the end users company is setup up as a partner or employee they can proceed to auto-register on the portal. However, if they are not set up the system let...
Stephen Morse almost 4 years ago in Ideas 1 Already exists

Ability to relabel pivot table row/column names

executive reporting needs friendlier field names than internally used field names. Would like ability to relabel pivotfields in the same way we can with list views
Laura Giles about 4 years ago in Reports 0 Already exists

Zendesk integration: Notifications should show idea creator

Currently the Zendesk integration can be configured to create ideas using the customer's name. When this happens, the idea creator is correct. However, the notification shows that the idea was created by the user who authenticated the Zendesk inte...
Avigail Ehrenhaus about 4 years ago in  0 Unlikely to implement

Add AHA User Types

As an AHA Product Owner, I find there are certain permissions I would like a user to have that is less than the permissions allowed under the contributor license but more than the reviewer license. Currently our operations team identifies "issues ...
Guest over 4 years ago in Account settings 0 Will not implement