Creating the assignee of a feature/ initiative/ etc as a watcher

When assigning someone to a feature/ initiative/ etc, I would like Aha to automatically add that person to be a watcher so that they can receive notifications when any changes occur.


UPDATE: We would like all current and previous assignees to be assigned as a watcher. See Daniel's comment below for additional context.

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  • Aug 14 2017
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  • Aug 14, 2017

    Admin Response

    Thank you for your note. Currently, assignees are added as participants. This means that notifications will be sent to those users based on their notification preferences for records they are participating in. You can learn more about notification preferences here.

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  • Daniel Hiebert commented
    August 14, 2017 14:46

    The above response assumes the assignee stays the assignee through-out the entire life-cycle of the feature... lets say Bob is assigned the feature/work-item and now it is switched to Joe to deploy it (or something), Bob will no longer we aware anything happening with that work item... and thus why it would be nice to be when clicking assigned the person is also added as watcher.