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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Reports
Created by Karie Kelly
Created on May 18, 2021

Remove (dashboard panel) text to report titles

Every time a report is added to a dashboard, that report's name is updated to include the text (dashboard panel). If it is added to two dashboard, then it will append (dashboard panel)(dashboard panel).

This makes the report title unusable at times when we have a popular report that is used across different dashboards (e.g. we have a portfolio of 14 products and dashboards are specific to that product and the same report can be used because the product equates to a workspace and we can apply the dashboard workspace filter.

I have had issues where the view / management buttons go off screen are hidden because of 14 (dashboard panel) text appended - doesn't look good when sharing and making the report accessible or printing.

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  • Karie Kelly
    May 18, 2021

    We do change the name - albeit it was challenging after realizing it got added 14 times and actually does cause issues with the view.

    If the problem you are trying to solve it so let someone know it is included in a dashboard, it seems that default, but editable text, is a poor choice because:

    • Relies on folks to not change it

    • If they don't change, it is confusing to those who use the report external of a dashboard

    • When you do change it, you lose sight of it being used in dashboards (most everyone changes it because it doesn't mean anything to the viewer, person sharing, or know exactly what is associated anyway

    • Having it there for each dashboard (i.e. the same text 14 times) provides no insight into which dashboards IF that is a problem to solve.

    If you received feedback that it is important to know when a user is changing a report what dashboards they are impacting, then the current approach does not solve. You need to consider having something that is more structured and not editable (system managed such as a view only check box) indicating it is in use, and if yes, which ones. What happens if your report is being used in a dashboard that you cannot even view? I certainly wouldn't worry about it and change it least having the reference and owner would provide insight into who you might ask.

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    May 18, 2021

    Thank you for your idea. We append the (dashboard panel) text to make it clear that this is the dashboard-controlled copy of the report. One thing to note is that you can actually change the name of the report by clicking the name. This will open a drawer where the name is editable. You may have already noticed this, but it is not totally obvious so I wanted to mention it. I hope that helps!