Report and Notebook 'Dashboard' Needed

As we are building more and more reports across teams and product/product lines, the 'Shared Report' section is getting quite messy and it is becoming increasingly difficult to know which report is which with nothing to go on but the name.  This is further complicated as some power users are sharing reports and naming conventions aren't universal.  Deleting reports is also not as intuitive as one would think.

It would be AWESOME to add an additional Tab in the 'Home' (current Tabs are Home, Portfolio, My Work, Activity) called Reports.  That tab could be then broken down into 3 sections -

  1. Personal Reports - Reports I created but are not shared
  2. Inbound Shared Reports - Reports that were created by others but shared to me
  3. Outbound Shared Reports - Reports that were created by me, but shared to others

On this dashboard I'd like to be able to capture brief notes as to what the report was, what filters were applied, audience, etc that would help me differentiate and quickly identify a given report.  Bonus points if I could add tags or otherwise custom search/sort the list /dashboard in some fashion to help organize all the reports.

It would be nice to add comments onto reports so they can be annotated with why they were created or limitations.

UPDATED TITLE to add Notebooks after speaking with Joe Carpenter and he indicated he needs the same functionality for Notebooks also. 

  • Joe Carpenter
  • Dec 1 2015
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Release time frame 1 month
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  • Jaclyn Fine commented
    April 08, 2016 15:38

    I'd like an ability to have custom organization of reports, similar to file folders or the like. I can categorize my notebooks and reports based on how I see fit. 

  • Guest commented
    November 22, 2016 13:54

    Aha! Team - Any progress on Report folders yet?  Aha! reports are SO POWERFUL that they naturally grow in numbers.  It only takes 15-20 reports to start navigating them really challenging.  You're driving users to have to enforce naming conventions for the reports that is not intuitive or easy to drive across my teams.

    This could be a really quick win!