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Email notifications alluding to the subject of the item not just the person

Right now, email notifications are presented in a "such-and-such created a to-do", this gives you no indication of what the to do is or why it is relevant, and thus makes it hard to separate the chaff from the wheat of Aha notifications
Guest almost 3 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration

Unsubscribe from emails that I have filed an idea

I am using UserZoom. UserZoom is using AHA! for idea management. Whenever I file an idea, I receive an email message telling me that I have filed an idea. I understand that some people might want this. I don't. I am wasting time handling such mess...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Comments / Notifications / Ideas portal 0 Future consideration

Integrate email communication

It should be great to have the possibility to start an email conversation with someone (usually a customer) from every point in Aha! where it now is possible to add a comment. That email should be sent to the given address and responses to tha...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Unlikely to implement

Add comment date field so I can view a feed of comments by requirement in order of recency

My team uses comments to track updates on requirements, and a lot of the requirements take a long time to complete, so it's hard for me to pull a report that really demonstrates my progress when some weeks I don't even complete any requirements, I...
Guest about 3 years ago in Comments / Notifications 3 Future consideration

Creating the assignee of a feature/ initiative/ etc as a watcher

When assigning someone to a feature/ initiative/ etc, I would like Aha to automatically add that person to be a watcher so that they can receive notifications when any changes occur. UPDATE: We would like all current and previous assignees to ...
Guest over 6 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Already exists

Feature Comments - most recent without Name and Date

Most recent comments are helpful in reporting status, However it my not be important who made the comment and when. If you add a new field selection without the Name and Date I can produce a cleaner, more meaningful reports. Also the last comment ...
Frank Fuchs over 3 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Future consideration

Ability to add context to to-do e-mail reminders - for ex: Initiative Name - to-do; Release Name - to-do

Aha! sends out the "consolidated" to-do notifications in e-mails which is a nice functionality. However, as the number of to-dos increase from various goals, initiatives, releases the confusion increases as to which context these are related to. F...
Michael Zadda about 7 years ago in Comments / Notifications 3 Already exists

Public comments can be anonymized

A reviewer is only able to add public comments - they cannot add admin comments and allow their identity to be masked. Provide the ability for any user to make a public comment, but to be able to indicate who it is from. The issue is that we don't...
Karie Kelly over 3 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration

Delete files attached to comments

I would love it if there was a way to delete files from another user's comments or somehow remove them from the Files page. Our stakeholders love the Reply With Comments functionality in their idea portal notifications. The only issue is that all ...
Bryan Crist over 7 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Future consideration

Seperate notification settings for watcher & assigned

As an Aha user I want to receive notifications for ideas I am watching, but I do not want to receive notifications I am assigned to, as I am assigned to hundreds of ideas by various PMs and I get an update every time they make any changes. You onl...
Guest over 7 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Unlikely to implement