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My ideas: Integrations

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Disable Start date for Releases in integrations

When configuring a integration, in my case VSTS, Aha does not allow you to disable/delete the start date. Additionally, it only has a "one way" from Aha>Integration.
Guest almost 6 years ago in Integrations 0 Already exists

add NetIQ Access Manager by Micro Focus to INTEGRATIONS – SINGLE SIGN-ON

Our team at Micro Focus has created a generic SAML connector for Aha! that can be used with our product, NetIQ Access Manager. It can be downloaded from our catalog, Now, customers who u...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Integrations 0 Unlikely to implement

Change GIT Integration to Separate from Human Comments

Right now all GIT commits (with task IDs) are populating the human comments. Ideally, this would be in a separate list, so there's not so much noise in the comments.
Guest almost 6 years ago in GitHub 1 Future consideration

New Integrations with ConnectWise and Netsuite

We use CW as a CPQ tool. It would be great to be able to import quotes into our product builds this way. We use netsuite for all sales related tasks. It would be great to be able to get lists of what is selling into Aha! so we can prioritize resou...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Integrations 0 Unlikely to implement

Allow Trello tags to persist beyond the initial import

It would be great to allow the Trello/Aha integration to filter Trello tasks based on an assigned task until changed. We have a team that mainly uses Trello to track their groups' work, but some of their projects overlap with our dev team. The PMs...
Patty Dennis-Jones almost 6 years ago in Trello 0 Future consideration

Capacity: how to populate from jira

I would like to know how the Original Estimate and Work Done fields are configured in Aha!. I have mapped (Jira)Total Story Points to (Aha!) Original Estimate and (Jira) Completed Story Points to (Aha!) Work Done. I'd like to know how to these pop...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Jira 0 Already exists

Add call to action on name for Integrations

When adding a Gitlab integration, (and i assume this is similar across the board) it isn't obvious that name is part of the flow. There is a giant yellow box with instructions, and edit boxes below. Nothing told me, OH, you can edit the name ABOVE...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Ability to Create Integration Templates for Pivotal Tracker

The integration templates for Jira have saved me TONS of time. I would love the ability to lean on templates for all of my Pivotal Tracker integrations as well.
Guest about 6 years ago in Pivotal Tracker 0 Future consideration

Github Integration - Import issues in reverse

As a new client I setup the Github 2.0 integration and imported our existing issues as features. I now have a large task of organising them all from the the parking lot and would find it easier and more intuitive if the IDs of the Aha! features wa...
Guest about 6 years ago in GitHub 0 Future consideration

when syncing master features and linked features to VSTS, have relationship between these items persist on the VSTS Side

Here is issue: Create Epic in AHA Create Feature in AHA, linked to Epic above Sent Epic from AHA to VSTS Sending Epic to VSTS does also automatically send the Feature from AHA to VSTS. However, the Epic and Feature in VSTS are not linked.
Brian W about 6 years ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 4 Already exists