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Portal users filter Ideas by email domain / organization

I have portal users who are asking to filter based on their own company's domain name. In particular, our customers' software administrators would like to know what requests their employees are making to us through the portal. They may have some t...
Susan Parker almost 6 years ago in Ideas portal 5 Shipped

Bulk edit option for users

We rearranged the product structure in and now there is a need to set new user rights for all of our users. It is quite time consuming one by one.
Antti Toivonen over 7 years ago in User management 13 Shipped

Custom field/status visibility dependant on portal

At the moment it is only possible to show/hide an idea status or idea custom field in all portals at once. We would like to create a Public portal and a Private portal and: - only display some ideas in the Public portal (status = Future considerat...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas portal 17 Shipped

Portal Users can subscribe to new ideas

This month we integrated our Idea Portal with our internal platform via SSO. The portal user is just a basic user with no Aha access. It would be awesome if through the Idea Portal, the user could subscribe to new ideas via product. Right now it's...
Austin R about 7 years ago in Ideas portal 5 Shipped

Create automated conditional workflow

Enable ability for Admins to set up automated next step actions once certain conditions have been met. For example, I'd like to route certain Ideas with specific keywords (or selected options in other fields) in the Idea Name field to be re-assign...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas portal 4 Shipped

Ability to customize branding, message and "from" field for email notifications from Idea portal

I've setup my ideas email ( so that customers can submit product ideas. Unfortunately, the email confirmations and updates from the idea portal do not have my branding. I would like to be able to customize these notifications...
Guest over 9 years ago in Branding / Ideas portal 15 Shipped

Provide ability to delete portal users that have not been verified or accessed the system

If portal users are pre-populated, there will be instances where some of them are no longer with the company, or otherwise never going to be using the ideas portal, and their names should be able to be deleted from the list of portal users. In gen...
Guest over 8 years ago in User management 11 Shipped

Enable private portal users the ability to have multiple votes per idea

I am trying to add a private portal for our sales employees to submit requests on behalf of customers. This means every time a customer wants the same idea, I need a way for the sales employee to add another vote. A workaround I am thinking of is ...
Melissa Hopkins almost 9 years ago in Voting 10 Shipped

Add Google Apps SSO Support for Idea Portals

I want all of our employees to access our internal idea board, they all have a Google Apps account. Our dev team said that this would need to be set up on the Aha side.
Guest almost 9 years ago in User management 12 Shipped

Allow idea portal users to edit the category of an idea

Sometimes our users makes a mistake and picks the wrong category when they share an idea with us. Some of our users has asked for the ability to edit the category. Even though we can do that ourselves from within Aha it would certainly be helpful ...
Tobias Lehtipalo over 7 years ago in Ideas portal 4 Shipped