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Created on Jun 3, 2015

Add Google Apps SSO Support for Idea Portals

I want all of our employees to access our internal idea board, they all have a Google Apps account. Our dev team said that this would need to be set up on the Aha side.

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  • James Janssen
    Oct 25, 2017

    Is it fair to call this shipped? Its more of a workaround.

    Setting up Google SSO on Aha proper requires no special configuration. The Google SSO configuration does not exist for Idea Portals in the same way.

    Setting up G Suite as a SAML provider is not something some are prepared to do, nor are they sure what the implications are of using G Suite as an IDP if they are deferring G Suite to their own SSO/SAML provider.

  • Alison Smith
    Apr 14, 2017

    Wow this has been an Idea for 2 years - you guys must have some incredible backlog! 

  • Henry Ferlauto
    Mar 14, 2017

    I would recommend Aha! take a look at Okta. They are one of big SSO platforms. Their value-add is it's made for developers,not just system administrators.

  • Nate Lee
    Feb 27, 2017

    Please implement this. It's a major drawback for us.

  • Sandip More
    Nov 22, 2016

    I tried steps mentioned by "Robert Shedd". it worked for us.

  • Ravi Prasad
    Aug 16, 2016

    SAML does not work for us... since each ideas portal is considered as a separate Service Provider requiring the duplication of entire SAML configuration is not acceptable by our IT.  So, for the internal ideas portal... I would still prefer the authentication through "google apps", since all our employees and partners use the google email configured with our company domain.

  • Robert Shedd
    May 3, 2016

    So this is actually possible today using the SAML single sign on option for the Idea portal SSO.

    Here's how you do it:

    In the Google Admin panel:

    * Choose the Setup my Own Custom App
    * Choose Option 2 - download the file
    * Enter "Aha Idea Portal" or similar for name
    * Upload an Aha logo
    * Click Next/Skip until you get to Attribute Mapping.
    * Then select these attribute maps:

    Here's the configuration that worked for us:

    Switch on for everyone:


    Under Idea Portal SSO configuration, Identity Provider, Choose SAML and then "Metadata File" - select the file you downloaded from Google

    Paste "" into ACS URL
    Paste "" into the Entity ID

  • Dan Reno
    Dec 17, 2015

    Not quite a deal breaker, but certainly an impediment to our implementation of ideas in our organization.

  • Guest
    Dec 2, 2015

    This feature is important for us to rollout idea portals internally.

  • Guest
    Nov 16, 2015

    This feature is currently a deal breaker for us to roll out the ideas portal to our larger company. For organizations that are using the Google SSO in most places, there is an ongoing expectation to maintain a similar experience across new services. Given that our product team is much smaller than the engineering org (which uses Jira), it'll be paramount that they have an easy way to access a brand new tool. This is even more important for non-technical contributors who are the creators of most ideas. Since the public setting is not an option for us from security perspective and the existing two SSO options don't address the Google auth functionality, we will wait until this is developed to use the ideas portal. I hope this helps!

  • Tim Tyler
    Oct 8, 2015

    After reviewing the Idea Portals, our management has specified that Google Apps SSO is an essential feature to utilize Idea Portals for new Feature Requests. Until then we are implementing a Salesforce solution that will be the source of truth for Feature Requests.  This means, as PMs, we must re-enter the idea details into Aha if we are to utilize Aha as our Product source of truth.  

  • Jason Slaughter
    Jul 16, 2015

    I'm delaying the roll-out of our ideas portal until this feature is implemented; we try to use GAFB sign-ins for everything internal, so that our employees don't need to deal with multiple passwords and logins. I really hope that Aha! implements this soon, at the very least, within a GAFB domain.