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Created by Perry Dickau
Created on Oct 21, 2015

Provide ability to delete portal users that have not been verified or accessed the system

If portal users are pre-populated, there will be instances where some of them are no longer with the company, or otherwise never going to be using the ideas portal, and their names should be able to be deleted from the list of portal users.  In general, if a user has never contributed anything into the system, they should be delete-able, not just disable-able.

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  • Guest
    Apr 25, 2018

    Here is our use case: "As a customer from the EU I have a right for my data to be deleted". So if a customer contacts us we should be able to delete their data. This in line with the changes being set by GDPR as of the 25th of May 2018.

  • Guest
    Feb 12, 2018

    Hey guys,

    Any update on this?
    This issue has been here since 2015; is it moving forward. We would like to have it.


  • Greg Depinay
    Dec 5, 2017

    I understand why deleting a user from the list might be a problem, especially if we actively need to block certain users. Could we at least have an option to filter the Portal users list so that the disabled users are hidden?

  • Guest
    Nov 16, 2017

    With GDPR now becoming a hot topic in Europe we need to be ready at any point to delete users' data. Their ideas don't have to disappear necessarily, but having their data completely gone from the system is a must.

  • Mark Fears
    Jun 20, 2017

    As employees have moved on to other companies, I would like to be able to delete them out of my idea portal. My list has become quite unmanageable and it would help to remove user data that no longer is valuable.

  • Sherry Taylor
    Apr 19, 2017

    We created portal users before we had rolled out Aha enterprise and have reviewers. Now, we have duplicate users respectively as the same person appears in the both user lists - system and portal. To reduce clutter, I would like to remove them entirely. I don't need a UI for it - I'd be fine if support did it on the backend and kinda frustrated that they led me here. 

  • Dimitris Lambrou
    Nov 15, 2016

    Deleting users would be nice feature as you can have a more clear view of your portal users. Especially for public portals this is required

  • Tom Beck
    Nov 14, 2016

    It would be very useful to be able to delete a portal user with options to cascade the deletion to their votes.  I would also support being able to delete their ideas or at least transferring them to another user.  One of the things I would like to accomplish is moving ideas and votes when an idea portal user becomes an Aha! user.  I never want to be see multiple instances of the same person; it's just too confusing and skews the data.  A person is a person no matter what role they play.

  • Marie Sligh
    Jun 29, 2016

    Having disabled users clutters up my list of users. I want to be able to delete them entirely.

  • Imran Ahmed
    Nov 24, 2015

    It would be easier to manage our portal users, as well as delete users who are no longer there as there is not point in having a disable button as you would just like them deleted.

  • Admin
    Ron Yang
    Nov 11, 2015

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    As you noted, we do have the ability to disable users today, but we do not have the ability to delete users. Can you expand upon the value of deleting a user vs. disabling?

As an admin, I would like the ability to delete a Portal User.

I may invite someone to be a part of the portal, they may invite someone else that we did not want to be included in this specific portal and want to remove them. Someone may leave the company and we want to keep the list cleaned-up.
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