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Status Already exists
Categories Ideas
Created by Kevin O'Connor
Created on Oct 11, 2016

Add the capability to allow users to remove their PI data (ie email and name) from the ideas portal profile, while maintaining the ideas they submitted

Due to various EU data privacy laws, many companies need the ability to have users 'be forgotten' from systems. Ideally, this should be done in a self-service manner by the user (as they see it as critical to them).

Today, it requires the user to login and change the name and email to something fake, rather than just the ability to delete the profile and marking the items as 'unknown user'.

    Nov 13, 2019

    The status of this idea was out of date. This is now possible using the Delete user button.

    • If the portal user has not voted on ideas, submitted ideas, or commented on ideas, the user will be deleted entirely.

    • If the portal user has voted, submitted, or commented, all personally identifiable information for that user will be removed while retaining their previously submitted content.

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