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Make Whiteboard Stickies Linkable/Clickable

I am beginning to use the Whiteboard feature to map out the Objectives and Epics my Product Team plans to work on each Program Increment over time. I want to be able to link the stickies on the Whiteboard to actual existing Objective or Epic recor...
Justin Beardslee about 10 hours ago in Whiteboards 0

Allow collaboration on notes and whiteboards with reviewers and viewers

There are many different situations when as an Owner/Contributor, I would like to collaborate on notes or a whiteboard with my colleagues who only have Reviewer/Viewer access to my workspace. For example, there may be an upcoming brainstorming mee...
Jeanette Resnikoff about 2 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Chat function for the whiteboard

Enables better collaboration
Guest 7 days ago in Whiteboards 0

pls allow object copy/paste in whiteboard

neither the keyboard shortcuts nor the right-click context menu controls appear to work
Guest 8 days ago in Whiteboards 2

Pull existing Aha! records into whiteboards in bulk

Currently you can create new ideas from whiteboard elements. You can also paste the URL from existing releases, epics, features, and ideas into a whiteboard to create a record. It would be great to be able to do this in bulk to make it easier to c...
Austin Merritt 5 months ago in Whiteboards 2 Future consideration

Custom shapes in Whiteboards

I would love to be able to load a set of custom shapes into Aha! Creates/Whiteboards to allow us to use our standard designed components to quickly sketch out a design for our application development.
Mark Slykhouse 20 days ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Provide a consolidated experience for managing personal and workspace notes

Aha! Create provides a consolidated view for managing notes and whiteboards in a list or calendar view. Within Aha! Roadmaps, this is also available via My work > My notes. However, workspace notes are accessed via a different location -- Info ...
Austin Merritt 20 days ago in Notes / Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Quickly duplicate whiteboard objects

Could we use Cmd+D to duplicate whiteboard objects?
Guest 11 days ago in Whiteboards 0

When I have selected a whiteboard object, when I start typing, it should start typing in it

Aha! is too aggressive about watching for hotkeys, even when I've selected an object I want to type in. I have to "double click" to type in it. I love the interactions behaviors of Miro -- bring more of those into Aha!
Guest 11 days ago in Whiteboards 0 Future consideration

Allow collaboration in whiteboards and notes with non-Aha! users

Product teams frequently need to collaborate with other cross-functional teams. Whiteboards and notes are great tools to facilitate this collaboration. It would be great to be able to share a whiteboard or note with someone who does not have a pai...
Austin Merritt 5 months ago in Notes / Whiteboards 4 Planning to implement