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Improve filters for ease-of-use and increased user productivity

Problem We use filters a lot, but they are super clunky, requiring multiple clicks to change the filter, and with some Internet latency b/w the clicks the UX suffers even more. This slows us (me) down. Combining of the filter field selection with ...
Stefan Tzanev about 3 years ago in Reports / Search 1 Future consideration

Search features with reference id number without product prefix

Would you be able to make the search engine to look for ProdXX-1234 even if you search with "1234" only? Sure there may be ProdYY-1234 as well as ProdXX-1234. Then the search result should show both. It would be real handy to search with number...
Geoffrey Kim 6 months ago in Search 0 Future consideration

I would like to modify the AHA search results screen to display 2 more columns of data, ‘Type’ and ‘Platform’.

Hi, I would like to modify the AHA search results screen to display 2 more columns of data, ‘Type’ and ‘Platform’. This would save us a ton of time, because now we have to open each search result record to try to find the type and platform we are...
Guest over 2 years ago in Search 0 Unlikely to implement

Filters While Searching

When you search a word or tag you, there are filters for the record type and product. It would be great if the filters selectable in the idea list was implemented in the search function. One of the main examples that I come across is when I search...
Guest over 1 year ago in Search 1 Future consideration

Quick search results should include "initiatives" as a section in the results

When searching in the quick search field at the top right corner on every section in Aha! - the "initiative" section should appear, similar to how "feature", "product" and "releases" appear in the results. This will allow us to access our initiati...
Erica Carey over 4 years ago in Search 1 Already exists

Customizable columns for the Search feature

Regarding the main search feature in Aha!, it would be nice if you could customize the columns for the search results. When I search something, 4 columns come up; Product, Record Type, Status, and Updated . I would like to be able to add more colu...
Codi Gaudreau over 1 year ago in Search 0 Future consideration

ability to limit scope/default scope of search

When I am searching for something it defaults to searching everything and the drop down box reflects as such. If I could set the scope of the default search for a product/product line the search results would be more relevant to what I am currentl...
Derek Impson over 3 years ago in Search 1 Unlikely to implement

Find all ideas voted on by someone from a specific email domain

When preparing for a face to face meeting with a customer it's useful to know as much as possible about enhancements they have requested. In order to to that I need a way to find all ideas voted on by someone from the customers email domain. I...
Tobias Lehtipalo over 4 years ago in Search 1 Shipped

Add ability to search by Aha! reference number

We currently have to search by idea and feature titles, which is very cumbersome. If we already know the reference number, we should be able to search for that as well. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to find items in the system
Guest over 4 years ago in Search 6 Already exists

Search field focus

As a user of Aha!, I would like the cursor to jump to the new search field when I click the search icon in the upper, right-hand corner, so that I don't have to click twice each time I want to search for something. Previously, there was just the ...
Tom Beck almost 4 years ago in Search 1 Shipped