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Status Future consideration
Categories Features Search
Created by Robert Wood
Created on Aug 7, 2020

Jump to a feature card in the feature board

The search feature in the Feature Board hides all other cards (essentially acting as a filter).

This is problematic, as whilst you have then found the feature you're looking for, you have no ability to rank it within the feature board.

So far the only workaround for this (which is clunky, and slow) is to manually use the browser's "Find" function but using the browser navigation bar. If you use the keyboard shortcut like CTRL+F it still uses the Aha! feature search filter.

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  • Karl Falk
    Dec 22, 2021

    Please make sure that the feture You find stays in focus, also when the search is released, so You can easily grab the card and move it up or down, either with mouse(like today) or with arrow keye(sometime mosue is not ideal for finding the right position as you have no control over scroll speed).