Ability to map idea statuses to feature statuses

I would like the ability to choose how my feature statuses map to idea statuses so when feature statuses change, that I have mapped to an Idea status, the idea status also changes (and changes in status notify subscribers of ideas).

  • Chris Waters
  • Dec 4 2014
  • Shipped
Release time frame
  • Feb 12, 2020

    Admin Response

    We are excited to announce a new automation capability for Enterprise+ customers.

    Automation rules can be used to streamline a variety of tasks in Aha!, including status updates.

    Learn more and get started!

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  • Kote Khutsishvili commented
    19 May 03:20pm

    This is big disappointment to ship feature for only enterprise+ customers.

  • Tanya Brusse commented
    3 Apr 08:02pm

    I'm very disappointed that this was released only for Enterprise+ customers. I would love to see this introduced as core functionality as this was the one critical link missing in your product.

  • David Desrosiers commented
    12 Feb 05:52pm

    Enterprise + only? This was a bug to me, not an enterprise feature. 

  • Sherri Anderson commented
    12 Feb 03:41pm

    You merged my idea into this, but I don't think this addresses my idea at all.  It would not allow me to comment on my idea though so I am commenting here.

  • Tom Beck commented
    12 Feb 03:11pm

    Disappointing that you have decided to only make this available to Enterprise+ customers.

  • Admin
    Kelly Sebes commented
    11 Feb 08:12pm

    Hi David, more details are coming this week. We got a little over-excited and changed the status earlier than intended.

  • David Desrosiers commented
    11 Feb 07:57pm

    I got an email alert that "https://big.ideas.aha.io/ideas/APP-I-2321" was shipped, but that idea has been merged with this one and it"s still "Planning to implement" Can someone please confirm where it's at?

  • Rob Straight commented
    18 Dec, 2019 03:52pm

    Another reminder to the Aha team that we are still waiting and this is of great interest to many including me...

  • Jess J commented
    2 Oct, 2019 08:22pm

    This would make things much easier!

    People often submit ideas to the portal that already exist as features. When this occurs I will promote those ideas to the existing feature, which links them, but it does not update the status of this idea when the feature ships like it does when promoting an idea to a new feature. This means that I need to keep track of the ideas that have linked features and manually update the status when those are finally deployed.

    It also makes it harder to scan the list to see ideas that we plan do to but have not been promoted to a feature yet vs those that have a linked feature. We will be creating a new status for ideas with linked features to help us keep track, but that doesn't alleviate the challenge of needing to do the manual status change as that idea progresses. 

  • Patrick McMorran commented
    16 Sep, 2019 08:51pm

    +1 We want to be able to reflect what the current feature status is, so people can see if something is pending, In progress, awaiting deployment, blocked, etc.

  • Joe Andreana commented
    9 Aug, 2019 06:44pm

    This has been out here since 2014 and the requests keep on coming. Can this be prioritized to be implemented this year as it continuously gets brought up each year and gets more votes.

  • Maciej Kaminski commented
    15 Jul, 2019 12:21pm

    I would like to have possibility to map idea status with status of an initiative as well, customization of the mapping similar to integrations ie. AHA <-> JIRA would be powerful tool. Idea portal users would benefit from having more detail in regards to the submitted projects (if product owner would want to share that detail) + reporting on the incoming ideas would make much more sense.

  • Michelle Antici commented
    30 May, 2019 05:52pm

    We need to be able to map automated status updates both when we promote an idea to a feature and to a master feature. Something similar to the mapping tool when integrating with JIRA would be great. 

  • Kote Khutsishvili commented
    20 May, 2019 11:07am

    Future consideration from 2014??

    Come on. We really need it.

  • Kevin Mowry commented
    10 May, 2019 11:56am

    Being able to get more granular with the feedback loop to the requestor would be a huge plus and really save my team time.

  • Eric Huber commented
    17 Apr, 2019 06:50pm

    The status on Idea is not granular enough. We would like to see the Idea Status mapping to Jira Status as close as possible. The main driver for us to use Aha is to reflect the status of the request. Not able to do this really defeat the purpose for us to adopt this tool. 

  • Robyn Diamond commented
    12 Dec, 2018 09:04pm

    A big part of a PM's job is close the feedback loop to customers, however, automation of that loop saves valued resources and critical dollars for our company.

    In JIRA, we had this ability between Request & Work projects which streamlined PM daily tasks & provided real-time updates to customers. Without it in Aha!, Idea tickets are outdated & customers are continually reaching out for updates - losing us time that should be spent on other projects. 

    Additionally, according to the Aha! KB: "Promoting an idea to a feature or initiative causes the status of that idea to change to the first status that's in the category "In progress" We have multiple statuses in an 'In Progress' state. To move to the first one most likely is irrelevant so again, I'm seeing inaccurate data & wasted resources to update. 

  • Rachel Goldberg commented
    3 Dec, 2018 03:36pm

    Adding my feedback that I'm surprised to learn this isn't how it already works, and not having this undercuts the value of having a single platform for idea and feature management. 

  • Dan Fiore commented
    3 Dec, 2018 12:59pm

    Please develop this feature

  • Robyn Diamond commented
    26 Nov, 2018 09:38pm

    SO MUCH YES! We have multiple statuses prior to In Progress, then In Progress, then Done. I'd like to provide greater transparency by choosing which Idea Status maps to a Feature Status & have it auto-update. It would save our teams so much time!

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