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Status Future consideration
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Created by Neal Maeyama
Created on Jan 25, 2024

Add the ability to map Idea status to Promoted Record status

Who would benefit?

Administrators and Product Managers

What impact would it make?

Reduce the number of automations for Administrators to maintain and manual steps for Product Managers

How should it work?

Add a configuration option to map Idea statuses to Promoted Record statuses similar to integration mappings where Feature statuses can be mapped to issue statuses in the external system. Additionally, like integration mappings, ensure that the status mapping can serve as a template, allowing for its efficient reuse across multiple workspaces employing the same workflow.

Currently, there is limited status automation between a promoted record and its associated idea's status (link). Consequently, multiple automations are necessary to maintain synchronization between the statuses of these two records, particularly in more intricate workflows.

Moreover, for organizations with numerous workspaces, any change in the workflow may necessitate numerous automation updates given that automations are workspace-specific.

Lastly, because linking an idea to an existing record does not automatically trigger a status change, the Product Manager must manually update the status of either the idea or the existing record to ensure alignment between the two.

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  • Guest
    Feb 1, 2024

    This is a straightforward expectation & functionality, and should already be configurable using automations (we have tried). However, even if you create identical statuses between portal / ideas status workflows and downstream product portfolio status workflows (as Aha instructed), the automation will not work. I've flagged this as a bug to Aha and have been given the runaround in 3 different support chains. As-is, the idea status will change when it's promoted, but any action downstream from there is not relayed back to the idea.

    If there isn't an automated and straightforward way to update status as shown in the submitter view of the portal, the whole point of the portal and keeping submitters engaged post-submission (or post promotion) really falls apart. The fun workaround here is requiring our senior portfolio and product leaders to manually update the parent ideas etc.

  • Jason Gillmore
    Jan 26, 2024

    This would be very useful in my organization as well. We promote ideas from a central intake portal to product teams, as a feature for example, and the feature team determines if and when it gets worked on. If they move it to 'will not do' the workflow categories do not update the idea status (as it does with the 'in progress' category) therefore the ideas status gets out of sync with the feature unless someone knows to manually go update the idea status.

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