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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas
Created by Deidra Peacock
Created on Apr 2, 2021

Ideas overview customization

I'd like to be able to customize the Status (currently a pie chart) and Ideas (currently a bar chart) in the Ideas overview to be more like a dashboard of my choosing - the pie chart gets unwieldy as we have larger counts of ideas in the combination of Future Consideration and Completed. Would love to be able to filter or plug in a different visual like how we can plug in dashboards.

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  • Nicole Hall
    Oct 6, 2023

    would love to move "status" as a category entirely. it isn't relevant to the repository of research we have.

  • Hank Liu
    Aug 22, 2023

    Under "Activity" there are several default views/reports, such as "new ideas" and "popular ideas". We would like to associate or create customize views/reports under activities.

  • Annika Hudson
    Oct 6, 2022

    Our team has over 800 shipped ideas which is such a high ratio to other statuses that mostly the shipped status takes up the entire chart on the overview page. I understand we could make a dashboard, but this page is conveniently linked in the navigation bar. There should be some way to archive delivered/cancelled requests.

  • Viktoria Jacyno
    Sep 23, 2022

    I think a dashboard solves for the need, but the current overview page is an obstacle to adoption for our product management team. Even disabling it would be a better option than the layout that is currently supported.

  • Nancy Miskowiec
    Oct 13, 2021

    We need our team to focus on the Ideas in an 'open' status (Submitted, Under Review, Needs more Info) and not so much on the 'resolved' (Future Consideration, Planned for next Release) or 'closed' (Not under Consideration, etc) statuses. We have a dashboard that reports on the open status Ideas and it also includes views of each status by our SLA commitments (over 30 or 90 days) so we can focus where needed more urgently. I have one product that was imported into Aha with a long history of enhancements so our backlog is well over 500. Having the ability to weed out the noise would be greatly helpful to our efficiency in Aha! - thank you.

  • Clare Chawke
    Oct 12, 2021

    Our team would like to be able to customize the Ideas Overview page with charts/reports/widgets of our choosing.

    Ideally we would like to be able to replace the Ideas Overview Page with a custom build Dashboard we have created that contains the Charts and Reports that we want to default everyone to look at when they go to the Ideas Overview page.

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