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Created by Ben Hampton
Created on May 24, 2017

Disable Status Change on Idea Promotion to Feature or Initiative

The Idea to Feature workflow my team follows is we promote an Idea to a Feature when we agree that the idea is a valid request aligning with our product vision and strategy. A problem has been identified and will investigate the proposed solution and/or identify a better one. To us "Likely to Implement" is broadcast out to the clients that the idea is accepted and a feature to address the problem has been added to the backlog.

When promoting an idea to a feature, this automatically changes the Idea's status to "Planned". In our company and what we broadcast out to clients is that "Planned" means a specific release has been assigned to the feature resolving this Idea. We currently promote Ideas to Features when we want them as existing items in our backlog to prioritize and identify and adequate solution for, but that does not mean we have committed to a release for the Idea.

Is there any way to disable the automated status change when promoting an Idea to a Feature? We would still like to have the automated Idea status change to "Shipped" when the associated Feature is "Shipped", but we don't want any other Feature status changes or the promotion of the Idea itself to change the Idea status.

I did not see anything of this nature described in your blog.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for the idea. You have a couple options here. If you want to disable the idea status change to Planned, you can remove the "In progress" status category from your idea statuses. You will find more detail on how feature status drives idea status here. If you would like to have the idea status set to Planned on promotion, but just don't want to notify customers, you can uncheck the Show in portal option for that status. This will stop the notification emails from being sent when Ideas are changed to that status. You can find more on this option here.

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  • Ben Hampton
    May 30, 2017

    Thank you for the clarification!  I was misinterpreting the documentation on that site and thinking that the "Status Category" represented a mapping to the feature or initiative status.  I understand now this this is truly representative of a category and not necessarily a specific status.