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Created on May 24, 2017
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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit APP-I-624 Ability to map idea statuses to feature statuses.

Allow direct relationship between ideas and features Merged


We are wanting to use our idea portal as an internal company-facing place to see where ideas are (whether or not they're being reviewed, under review, being worked on). However, There are a couple of issues with the current flow whereas votes are only returned for "Done" statuses and ideas are only updated at specific stages/areas.


When you "Promote" an Idea to a feature, there is a link between a feature's status and the ideas.

According to your help article here (, when an idea is promoted to a feature, the status of the idea is automatically changed to the first status that is in the "in progress" category, and if the linked feature changes to "Shipped" the idea will change to the first status with a category of "Done".

Additionally, idea votes are only returned when an idea's status is set to a status with a category of "Done".


I want to be able to specify the EXACT idea status that the idea is updated to based on the EXACT feature status, and I want to be able to specify the EXACT idea statuses that cause a vote to be returned (I dislike that it is tied to the "Done" category because I want to have more accurate control over my product backlog for thorough backlog grooming).