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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Strategy
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 24, 2017

Master Features and Features should be more interchangeable.

Aha wants to replicate the concept of epics as master features and features as stories. However, they treat them as separate entities which makes really hard to report a list of ‘features’ together (including master feature).  For instance, JIRA can list them on the same report. I can see all my epics and stories together in one view.  I can filter them based on epic or story.  Aha made this difficult. I can either see one or other.

This would give us some benefits, as example:

  1. Show in the board the master features and features in one single view
  2. Ability to generate reports. I could easily list all my ideas linked to a feature/master feature and a release.  This can’t be done right now.
  3. Ability to promote or demote something to/from master feature
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