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Status Future consideration
Created by Richard Harrison
Created on Mar 9, 2018

Add ability to transfer requirements between features and features between master features (epics)

If you take the typical hierarchy VSTS, of Epics, Features and Product Backlog items, its is great that with Integrations 2.0 we can map these to Master Features (we call these Epics), Features and Requirements (we call this PBI's).

However we are running into problems with the following, which are preventing us from be able to use the integration and Aha with VSTS.

  • When you create Features and PBI's in VSTS, they are not created in Aha! unless they are linked to an Epic, which is we only want use to group Features that span more than one release, so not all Features will have an Epic. The same can be said for PBI's to Features.
  • When you want to move a PBI between Features, or move Features between Epics (Master Features), the integration fails with an error stating that the item already has a parent, rather than replacing the parent and moving the item as desired.

I would like to ask why and if it would be possible to have the integration replace the parent so that the move is possible, as without this, we are finding it too difficult to use the two systems effectively.

Many thanks.

    Jul 3, 2018

    Thank you for your idea. One thing to note is that the first request already exists for features, but not for requirements. For example, if features are mapped to VSTS features, new features created in VSTS will be available as an import candidate in Aha! even if they are not linked to a parent record in VSTS.

    Requirements on the other hand cannot be imported without a parent. This is because requirements must be a child of a feature in Aha!

    The second request is not currently planned on our roadmap but we will continue to monitor customer feedback. 

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