Allow features to be shown (grouped) under the master feature view within the Features Board.

By adding grouped features to the Master Feature view this would allow users to see which features are within their master features, and allow drag and drop of features between master features.


The display of features is currently not an option in the Master Features view, so adding this should be very low disruption to existing functionality... While allowing a simple and cleaner interface for moving items between master features.


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  • Oct 3 2019
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  • Yan D-Beaurivage commented
    October 08, 2019 22:41

    Fully support this. Because of all its dynamic access points, the PM team usually review the roadmap internally using the Feature Board vs Roadmap (that now groups features under master features)  in order to facilitate the discussion. Having the features grouped under Master feature makes it more visually intuitive.

  • Moises Cora commented
    November 06, 2019 14:31

    Have a slightly different request, showing more of the features and less of the Maters, like the screenshot attached.