Display and Report on Master Features and Features simultaneously

A number of our Product Managers had started using Master Features for their ability to combine Features that were more detailed than required for high level Roadmaps.  However we quickly learned that viewing and reporting on Master Features and Features is binary - only one can be shown at a time. 

What we'd like to be able to do is view and report on Master Features and Features together in the same view.  Naturally this would mean not showing Features that are included in Master Features so there is no duplication.  This would allow us to include Features where there is a singular Feature that should appear on a Roadmap together with Features collected in a Master Feature.  

At this time we have moved away from using Master Features due to this limitation and are employing workarounds (such as creating Stories of Stories) in Jira and Aha so everything appears as a Feature.  


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  • Jan 31 2018
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  • Matt Miller commented
    3 Sep, 2019 06:54pm

    This would be huge for us. Even a relatively simple UI implementation would help a lot:


    On the "Features" view, give the option to show Features that are tied to Master Features as a single card representing the Master Feature plus an expand/collapse function to show the features under that Master Feature on the board or not.

  • Mat Jennings commented
    6 May, 2019 05:04pm

    I would love to see the features inside of a master feature card in the parking lot view.  You kind of already do this a little when I can see the master feature associated with the feature, but rather than show tag on each card, it would be better to put all sub-features in one box with the card on top.  That would make the display much more space efficient.

  • Javier Ferraez commented
    2 May, 2019 01:04am

    Please add this. Without this it's impossible to create a clmprehwcompr roadmap at the right level for the right audience.

  • Guest commented
    7 Feb, 2019 08:13pm

    The current implementation of master features is very clunky in my opinion. As Saige suggested above, there needs to be a way to group all features within a master feature together in the same view. 

  • Saige Fraiha commented
    28 Jan, 2019 01:09pm

    Need to see master features on the roadmap at a minimum.

    Would be nice to have the ability to add features to the roadmap, nested under the master, with the assumption that the feature selection screen would narrow down to features included the current master feature only.

  • Emillie commented
    20 Sep, 2018 01:55pm

    Please please please add support for showing Features and Master Features in the same board

  • Jann Curtis commented
    2 Jul, 2018 09:15pm

    I would like a feature roadmap that would show the master feature as a grouping and all the related features under/inside that feature. 

  • Matthew Reed commented
    29 Jun, 2018 03:14pm

    In the Features board view, I'd like to be able to show Master Features and Features at the same time. You could toggle them on and off individually or show them together. Jira has no problem showing them side-by-side.

  • Guest commented
    8 Mar, 2018 11:54am

    It would be nice to have possible to display both Features and Master Features in the parking lots at the same time (instead of switching view using Master Features and Features buttons)

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