Make it possible to enter and track OKRs in Aha!

Objectives and Key Results are a form goal setting templates that are very effective to get the whole company in line with the most important goals and to become more data driven. see this for an overivew

I would like to be able to enter Goals as OKRs instead (as an option). The goals functionality right now is limited to only one metric per goal, and there's no way to order the goals chronologically or temporally, i.e, Q1 goals, Q2 goals etc. Additionally, Google uses a scoring mechanism to keep track of how well the objectives were met, by assigning a points value between 0-1. This would also be a nice feature.

an OKR can take the following form:

Objective: Get Aha! to add an OKR feature in their product as an addition to the goals setting feature

Key Results: 

  • Being able to set OKRs for 2017 in Aha! no later than Q4 2016
  • Keeping track of all company, team and personal OKR for all our Aha! team users (per Aha! customer)
  • Be able to score OKRs with 0-1 points scale. (similarly to how we can score features)
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  • Dec 20 2015
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  • David Behr commented
    March 27, 2016 13:52

    I've been experimenting with this - I think "shipped" is slightly over stating it and some small changes could actually go a long way.

    So to implement this is what you can do:

    1. Use terminology to rename Goals to OKRs
    2. Using the new Time Frame feature you can somewhat achieve ordering/filtering by time.  You can add a Goal custom field for Start and End dates if you want to be more specific and use in reports.
    3. Adding a Goal custom field for "Owner" you can show who the OKR belongs to.
    4. You can use Goal custom fields for Key Results (KR1, KR2, KR3) to all you to enter and score KRs - or you can just put them in the Goal description.
    5. Unfortunately you cannot create a scorecards of 0-1 (they have to be whole integers).  This would be the best change that could be made.

    I'd be interested to know how others have implemented.  You can do this on a top product line level for you group/team or even individuals so that individual product OKRs can rollup to the top.