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As a Product Manager, I want to see a list of my epics.  In the Features > List view I can only see features, not master features.  Switching to Features > Board or Features > Details allows me to flip back and forth between features and master features but there is no corresponding way that I can see to see just a list of epics.

  • Tom Beck
  • Apr 20 2017
  • Shipped
  • Oct 18, 2018

    Admin response

    The primary use case to bulk edit master features described in this idea is now supported!

    Make Bulk Changes to Your Product Roadmap Data

    Bulk editing is now available in nearly all list reports. This allows you to quickly update most of your records including goals, initiatives, and master features.

    Learn how to use a list report to bulk edit your product data.

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  • Tom Beck commented
    4 Mar, 2019 03:48pm

    Animesh:  You have to create a new, custom list report.  Go to Roadmaps > List > Add Report > Create Custom List Report > Select Primary Record Type > Master Feature (or Epic, as I call them).  From there, add whichever columns you want to see.  The article Austin mentioned is not specific about the nuance of creating custom list reports.

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    4 Mar, 2019 03:20pm

    Hi there, it is possible to bulk edit most record types, including master features, directly from a list view in Roadmaps > List. This article provides more details on how to set this up. Thanks!

  • Animesh Singh commented
    4 Mar, 2019 11:20am

    I am not able to Bulk Update master feature. This is only available on Feature > List and there I can only select features for bulk changes. It is not possible to bulk update Master Feature in any view.

  • Amy Boland commented
    17 Oct, 2018 05:07pm

    Hot potato! Thank you!!

  • Sven Schoener commented
    4 Oct, 2018 03:34pm

    I really miss this function!

  • Phil Prasek commented
    4 Oct, 2018 03:45am

    Bummer this is not there, will remove a bunch of epics one ... at ... a ... time ...

  • Greg Koeka commented
    13 Sep, 2018 06:55pm

    There is a workaround I found but it's not an ideal UX. Clear out all of your columns of data such as Feature Name, JIRA URL etc and clear out all Filtered items. It should look like the first attachment and then click Add Data which should look like the second attachment. In that dropdown menu, you can select Master Features or any other record to start a new list.

    However, this should not detract from an improved UX on this need by Aha!. I'm sure they will get to it as this is still a great product and a requirement wherever I work in the future.

  • Lidia Finn commented
    16 Aug, 2018 07:58am

    A year later an still nothing?

  • Mike commented
    30 Jul, 2018 03:51pm

    No reply from the leadership at Aha on this topic?  Can't believe we can't pull a list of master features..  

  • Dan Eisenhut commented
    7 Jun, 2018 11:58pm

    Need this.  If we look at master feature names, we have duplicates because each master feature has multiple features.  We need a master feature based list!  

  • Ido Lanuel commented
    10 Apr, 2018 02:39pm

    As you now increase the functionality around Master Features (Which is awesome!), this would be super helpful

  • Marina Reyna commented
    7 Feb, 2018 02:28pm

    This could be helpful, too

  • Marina Reyna commented
    1 Nov, 2017 02:20pm

    Any updates?

  • Marina Reyna commented
    14 Jul, 2017 01:42pm

    Any update on status?

  • Amy Boland commented
    24 May, 2017 09:58pm

    Yes, I want this too! Mostly because I wish I could multi-edit my master features the way I do my features. I wish it were as easy to assign an initiative/goal, for example. Or when an entire release gets cancelled (anguished sob), I wish I could just "select all" and delete them instead of one at a time.

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