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Created by Derek Boriack
Created on Jun 14, 2017

Automation rules for status changes in Ideas Portal

I'm sure it never happens on your Ideas Portal, but often the Ideas that get submitted by our customers lack some key information that we need in order to make prioritization decisions. In those instances we put them in an "on hold or needs more information" status and make a comment requesting the information that we are looking for. 

Our customers are pretty good about getting back to us in those cases. They're really excited when we engage with them and make them feel heard since that hasn't always been the case.

Even though I get emails that someone added a comment to the Idea in response to mine for my own sanity I've set aside an hour a week to review Ideas and keep engagement limited to that window. During that meeting I actually have a lot of my internal stakeholders present so that we can debate the merits of an idea since they'll have perspectives I don't have. It's pretty useful. This means I can't (read as: won't) respond in real time to my customers' responses.

It would be awesome if there could be some kind of automation rule set up that allowed for statuses to automagically changed based on certain triggers. Specifically I would like for an Idea that's in "on hold or needs more information" to automatically change to "needs review" when a comment is added so that it can move back to the top of the list of items to review during my weekly review meeting.

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  • Amanda K
    Feb 8, 2024

    Yes, it would be really helpful if there was a way for me to know when/if an idea that was in 'needs more information' status receives a portal user comment. Right now I have a report that I try to review, but it's not easy to tell which ideas received comments.