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Created by Guest
Created on May 31, 2017

Copy Custom Fields

I would like to be able to copy a custom field, for example from Features to Requirements.  I have several custom fields for Feature, then when I want to create a requirement from Aha! it complains those custom fields are not available, 

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  • Kevin Martin
    May 6, 2022

    I inherited tedious lengthy custom fields created from past users. Those field values need to be copied across the types Epic, Feature and Story. In one use case, a lengthy selection list custom field on the idea needs to follow the promoted idea with identical choice lists. I really don't want to spend time playing detective on choice lists to see if a list item was not perfectly the same in 2 or more instances of custom field. It would be great feature if we can copy the custom field to epic, feature and story types. Even better, simply let me have a feature to apply a custom field to multiple types (fix the underlying data model?)

  • Clive Watts
    Aug 4, 2020

    I frequently need to promote features to master features as sub-features emerge. I have many custom fields used in a custom layout. Today, I have to painfully recreate every custom field from feature config to master feature config. This takes a long time, is error prone and is unproductive time.

    It would be very valuable to clone one or more custom fields from one custom filed type to another.

  • Raisa MacLeod
    Mar 10, 2020

    Rather than copy custom fields, would like the same custom fields for features, releases etc.. as it is a custom field that is the same across our system.

  • Guest
    Feb 28, 2020

    +1 for this. I am finding myself wanting this more and more. Specifically the ability to keep a requirement and feature predefined choice lists in sync. Creating and maintaining two lists every time someone adds a new one in Jira seems inefficient and leaves room for error.

  • Prerna Kanwar
    Feb 26, 2020

    This would be very useful for us. I've few custom fields in Feature that I would like to use other places like master features, initiatives and ideas so that its same data can be used across. 

  • Guest
    Sep 12, 2019

    This would be really useful for me. I have some custom fields set up at a feature level, which I now want to use the same list for the requirements. However, with the current functionality I need to set up a duplicate custom field for the requirement. This is annoying as it is a long list, and will then mean I have to maintain it twice (and it is likely to need updating in the future – and I am likely to forget to update it twice which will then break my Jira integration!)

  • Agnes Muller
    Apr 4, 2019

    Similarly, we need to implement the same custom field for feature and master feature

  • Max Cascone
    Apr 11, 2018

    I would phrase this as just re-using custom fields across all item types. I currently have multiple custom fields defined for the same thing in different item types, which is cumbersome to maintain.


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