'Copy feature' should copy pre-populated master field Custom tables too

When creating new features using Aha’s Copy Feature option, custom tables are unfortunately NOT showing the data pre-populated with the information filled in on those tables. Custom fields copy over with the data and so do custom tables of type Many to Many but custom tables of type Master field do not.
  • Laxmi Prasad
  • Apr 20 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Laxmi Prasad commented
    April 21, 2018 07:29

    Aha Team, 

    This copy requirement is critical to establish proper PM processes in Intuit (I'd say in most organizations with multiple PMs).  

    Here is the use case detailed:

    1. We have a standard set of milestones every feature follows (Requirements from different business teams, solution design, test scenarios ready, construct, demo, etc).  These milestones have multiple attributes like %, status color, planned dates, ETA.  

    2. Apart from this, there are numerous attributes on the feature itself - Key POCs from BUs, Sizing (across confidence levels), and other aspects of a feature (whether feature flagged, etc).  These are simple name-value pairs.

    To solution this in Aha, we added two custom tables - #1 with one row for each milestone, and #2 with name/value pairs. (See the image I had sent earlier)  Now, we need to establish and enforce a standard set of milestones and custom feature attributes across all our PMs, and consistently report to leadership on these.

    Our requirement on copying custom tables stems from this need to use standard milestones and custom attributes on all features across the program - there are over a dozen PMs and equal number of scrum teams, and this is a critical requirement.

    QUESTION - can you suggest a workaround script or an alternate solution ASAP so that we can cross this key hurdle to our immediate implementation?  This has become a blocker at this point, so appreciate your quick support!




  • Deanne Branham commented
    13 Jun 02:15

    Master-Detail tables are used for cross functional organization release countdown task and activities that we have attached to the Release view.  There is at least 100 of them and manually entering them every release is not efficient, especially when these do not change release to release.