Allow custom fields on Initiatives

I would like to be able to add custom fields to initiatives. Potential uses are assigning ownership of specific initiatives or setting dates for planned start and finish.  We have multiple products with interdependent initiatives. I would realy like to add custom fields to help structure this in a clear way.

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  • Jan 29 2015
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  • Carrie Reineccius commented
    February 03, 2015 21:45

    Definitely could use this.  It would provide a consistent format to describe the initiatives which not only is key for our Product Managers who are writing them but for all of our stakeholders who are reading them.

  • Dan Orth commented
    February 16, 2015 20:20

    I'd also like to see this. Our immediate desire is to be able to assign leads for initiatives that are visible across the team.

  • Ben Biggs commented
    May 18, 2015 18:27

    Much needed functionality.

  • Jeri McGonnell commented
    June 05, 2015 14:08

    We could use this feature as well since we need to capture discrete data that will be used in filters. Not easy to do this by adding all the details in comments. 

  • Ryan Burwell commented
    July 22, 2015 18:57

    Totally needed.  Our Product Managers are required tie back specific/measurable results to initiatives and would like the ability to use our custom measurements.  I'm actually surprised the software doesn't have this.  For software development each initiative is almost as important as the product itself once it's established, so looking to build this out, but can't do so without custom fields.

  • Jonas Oppedal commented
    August 06, 2015 21:58

    I'd like to be able to roll up story point estimates to initiatives to be able to demonstrate the cost of an initiative, which would help inform conversations about trade-offs between different initiatives. I'm surprised this isn't possible already.

  • Mike Palmer commented
    April 07, 2019 22:46

    how come you can't map custom fields from initiatives to Jira epic custom fields?

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    April 08, 2019 13:43

    Hi there. It is possible to map custom fields from initiatives to fields in Jira with the 2.0 version of the Aha! integration with Jira.. This article will provide more details on mapping fields -- see the Custom fields section toward the end of the article for more details on the types of custom fields that are available for mapping. If you have additional questions here, please email and our Customer Success team can provide more specific guidance. Thanks!