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Categories Reports
Created by Marcie Millenbach
Created on Apr 7, 2022

Ability to Report on Configuration Settings for Multiple Workspaces

USE CASE: As an Aha! Administrator, I need to be able to respond in a *snap* to leadership decisions that require re-configuration across hundreds of workspaces.

Our organization already has 200+ workspaces. This week, a critical leadership decision with a VERY short deadline required that I determine exactly which layouts were used across ~100 workspaces, to ensure fields were applied universally. This required me to spend 90 minutes clicking through each and every workspace's configuration settings, while simultaneously tracking the information I found in a document outside of Aha! --- essentially, manufacturing my own Workspace Configuration Report, from which to conduct the work I actually needed to do in the system.

This issue is further amplified by our organization's growing adoption of Aha! (we may onboard as many as 5,000 users in the next year) and our growing Admin team. There isn't just one person executing these kinds of requests, that may be familiar enough with our configuration to know this kind of information off the top of their head.

We need to be able to pull a pivot report to show various configuration settings across a number of workspaces.

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