Product Capabilities Tracking and Competitor Comparison

We receive RFPs from potential clients looking for a new software to meet their needs. We currently take all the "software requirements" they are looking for in a software and put them into excel. Then we will identify which requirements are already within our product, which ones are on our roadmap, etc. We utilize this list to make sure we are building the right software for our customers and potential customers. THEN, we look at these requirements and compare ourselves to our competitors according to the customer requirements. A next step would be to take these requirements and be able to push them to a Goal, Initiative, and/or Feature within Aha!. I would like to display a comparison matrix with the customer requirements on one axis and all the competitors including my software on the other axis, this will let me see the gaps I have in the market and how I stack up against my competitors according to customer requirements opposed to just a feature comparison

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  • Mar 6 2017
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    March 24, 2017 17:26

    I have attached a snippet of my spreadsheet that tracks specific requirements. And as I am typing this it dawned on me how I can create a custom table with this information, but it lacks reporting and presentation and ranking. I can explain more on how I have created the spreadsheet if Aha! considers enhancing these capabilities. Thanks.