Initiatives should have a weight based on the scores of features associated with the initiative

Adding a scorecard to an initiative ( is an interesting idea, but I think it falls short in the sense that it doesn't really provide a score for each initiative that is related to the features that are associated with that initiative.  It ignores the effort and value put into scoring each associated feature.

It would be better if the score assigned to each initiative was auto-calculated based on the average score of the features associated with the initiative.  I say average because the number of associated features will vary between initiatives, so taking the average score will allow you to better compare apples to apples.

Consider the attached mock-up.  In this case, let's assume that the largest circle represents the initiative with the highest average feature score.  That circle is the largest circle any initiative will have, no matter what the average score.  Likewise, the smallest circle is associated with the initiative with the lowest average feature score.  This smallest circle is the smallest circle any inititive can have in this chart.  All other circles have their size calculated based on the average feature score linearly between the smallest and biggest size.  An initiative with no features associated, or no features that yet have a score, would not get a circle but would instead have a colored icon only.

Now, I can see which initiatives I should really be focused on (likely planning those to be prominent or even exclusive in the next product release).


Additionally I would like to have the Value/Effort chart auto-completed for me by the feature score.  The way I envision this working is to optionally categorize each metric in a scorecard as either a "Value" or an "Effort" metric.  For example, "Reduce Support Calls" could be a metric and would be given a "Value" categorization.  The "Delivery Risk" metric would be given the "Effort" category.

The Initiatives Value/Effort chart would take all the features associated with an initiative and calculate an average "Value" score and an average "Effort" score and then plot the initiative on the Value/Effort chart accordingly.  The limits of the "Value" and the "Effort" axes would be based on the max scores across all initiatives added to the chart (with a little bit of extra space to make the chart look nice - otherwise you would always have one initiative sitting right on the edge either the top or right-hand side of the chart).

  • Scott Bleasdell
  • Aug 16 2016
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  • Crystal Lehman commented
    January 05, 2017 16:03

    The second piece of this is what I am looking for. I currently have 105 projects through 8 different product lines and I have to move each one around. It should auto complete based on a score you give the initiative.