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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 18, 2016

Have the Strategy --> Initiative screen map out the initiatives based on the Aha Scores of the features underneath it.

Currently the Strategy --> Initiative screen is totally manual.  You just drag and drop initiatives to where you think they should go in terms of value and estimates and it totally does not take into account the value and effort estimates that are applied to the features underneath those initiatives.  If this was done it would give a great visual on effort vs value.

    Mar 18, 2016

    It's possible to create pivot and timeline reports to analyze which initiatives have the highest Aha! scores.

    This can be set up in a pivot table by show Feature name as the row, Initiative name in the columns and Feature scores in the Cells. By sum values, you can see the total summed Aha! scores across each initiative.

    The Strategy roadmap screen is meant to be used to outline the strategic roadmap. You can also apply various filters to analyze initiatives by status.

    We would suggest the workaround noted above to analyze initiatives. However, we are unlikely to make additional updates in this area based on current priorities, community feedback and current functionality. We hope you can understand. 

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  • Crystal Lehman
    Jan 5, 2017

    Currently I have to load all my initiatives into a spreadsheet and map to give people a visual on what projects we should be doing. the initiatives chart is so manual it is unusable, would be really great to have the initiatives automatically move to where they belong in that chart based on a score 

  • Guest
    Sep 26, 2016

    Dear Admin,

    I'm confused by your response.

    • Why wouldn't the Aha! score be utilized for this visual?
      • Yes, a report is possible and is valuable. The process to get the value is laborious, even with saved views. The drag and drop that exists today is subjective, not objective. 
    • How is this is not a value add to the whole premise of the Aha! Score and Scorecard? 
    • Additionally, why doesn't the Score automatically rank features for the user? 
      • Drag and drop is nice and should be an option but not mandatory. If the feature list was auto ranked based on the Score with a drag/drop option, it would add value to the product for PM's through streamlining time they need to spend in Aha! doing mundane tasks.

    We hope you see our point is that Aha! is extremely valuable for Product teams and some areas feel like they come up short. We all agree the Scorecard/Score are needed and utilized well; however, they seem to fall short of the realistically potential benefits.