Improve Initiatives page

Most of my work starts by creating initiatives using the Strategy/Initiatives page. Unfortunately, I find this page not very user-friendly. First, I manage a long list of initiatives, from which I can see only the top 7-8 at first glance and without much of the required details.

The Value-Effort chart on the right is nice, but it takes a lot of space and too difficult to manage. You drag something but you cannot accurately place it on the chart and there’s no undo. With just a handful of initiative it becomes completely clattered. Also the resulting value and effort properties contain rather meaningless numbers and cannot be used elsewhere.

Either improve the chart – e.g., add grid lines and allow editing the underlying value and effort properties to accurately set their values – and/or allow replacing it with a simpler yet more useful tabular view of initiatives.

  • Zvika Moretzky
  • Dec 7 2017
  • Future consideration
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