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Status Shipped
Created by Nathan Biehl
Created on Aug 4, 2015

Autosave draft of a comment text.

Would love the ability to have my comment drafts saved for at least a short period of time. Other project tools (trello and basecamp) we utilize do a great job at handling this.

So far I've had numerous comments get lost due to accidentally triggering a feature or miscalculating an interaction. Most recently I had a multi paragraph comment evaporate before me when I attempted to drag and drop a file into said comment. Instead of hitting the drop zone, I accidentally hit the text input directly above it. This caused the image to open in the tab. I quickly hit the back button, but it was too late. My comment had passed. (sad panda)

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  • Nathan Biehl
    Aug 4, 2015

    Shipped? Hmm... digging into this it looks like there is autosave for requirement  and to-do comments, but for the main comment thread of the feature it doesn't work.