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Status Future consideration
Created by Jill Collins
Created on Apr 8, 2020

For comments, when a draft is saved, include attachments/screen shots that have been pasted in.

If you are entering comments and you get interrupted (a meeting starts, a phone rings, someone stops by your desk, etc), you can resume editing after a while. A message appears underneath the comment saying 'restoring draft from mmdddyyyy hhmmss'. You continue on, finish what you want to say, and then hit save. All is well (you think).

The 'draft restore' message appears if the browser was refreshed, or you navigated away then came back. However, the 'draft restore' applies to the text only. If you had pasted in an image, or attached a file - this is not part of the draft that is restored. (User is probably not aware of that though.)

If you later view the comment, any screen shot pasted in will appear blank - it was never saved properly in the first place.

This situation has happened multiple times in our organization - it took a while to track down the root cause. The workaround is to save - before the 'draft' functionality kicks in - but I'm sure we'll still have an occasional instance of this problem. It does seem to defeat the purpose of having 'draft' functionality.

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