Product line list when creating new product should be shown as hierarchy

The parent product line list is sorted with no regard to the hierarchy. This makes it hard to find your product line, especially when sub lines have similar or the same name. In a hypothetical:

Cookies (PL)
With fruit (PL)
Raisins (Product)
Banana (Product)
With chocolate
Milk (Prod)
Dark (Prod)
With fruit (PL)
Raisins (Prod)
Blueberries (Prod)

sorts in the product line list as:

With Fruit
With Fruit
With Chocolate

This seems like more of a bug than a lack of feature, so I thought a support ticket was more helpful than an idea. I've also attached screenshots from our actual implementation.

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for reporting this. I'm hopping on a call but will take a closer look in about 1 hour. Please stay tuned.

  • Melissa Hopkins
  • Jun 3 2015
  • Future consideration
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  • Joe Carpenter commented
    May 04, 2018 18:04

    Adding to this, the Hierarchy should be displayed in an alphabetical manner to make it easier for Admins to quickly navigate to the right place in their portfolio.  
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