Incorporate product lines in ideas portal product list and category list

When I turn all products on in the idea portal I don’t get the indent I’d expect, and not having the indent makes things unruly

- Idea portal product categories can only be created for the product level, they show up under and indented from their associated products.
- Product lines show up nowhere in the idea portal.

I would like my Aha! product hierarchy to carry over from the main app to the idea portal.
  • Dan Molloy
  • Apr 6 2016
  • Likely to implement
  • Jul 13, 2016

    Admin Response

    We are investigating solutions to organization of products within the idea portal that are more flexible. We are reluctant to just mirror the product hierarchy that is used in Aha! itself because this may not reflect how you want your products organized for customers. I am interested in input on what type of structure you would like to support.

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  • Dan Molloy commented
    April 07, 2016 19:14

    I'm not looking for ideas to be associated with product lines.  I just need to be able to have the product line displayed in the idea portal left side sorter and in the idea for pick list.  


    Please reconsider.

  • Dan Molloy commented
    May 23, 2016 15:20

    Following up after a related support case (#58737).

    1. Not looking for ideas to be associated with product lines as noted below.

    2. Looking for: the same hierarchy to appear in the idea portal as appears in the main app- why?

    1. Linking to the idea to the product owner as defined in Aha! for notification and assignment.

    3. Eliminate need for "phantom" product lines in Aha! hierarchy that exist only so I  can then add categories to that mimic the actual product line (that don't let me link "category" to an owner for alerting and assignment the same way ideas associated to a "default idea assignee" at the product level.

    These phantom product lines cause clutter and the "categories" in Aha! don't help me route ideas to the right owners.

  • Fabian Henzler commented
    May 29, 2016 20:31

    We need structure in the idea portal without having a separate idea product

  • Ravi Prasad commented
    July 15, 2016 03:23

    Important Note:

    Although we definitely need this grouping hierarchy enhancement for the Ideas portal, at  Product Line level, then Product and its category level... I agree with Chris Waters that, we do NOT have to inherit the EXACT internal structure/product-names in the Aha on to the Ideas Portal.  Because, internally we may use many acronyms and project names for internal audience only, and it may not make sense to expose it outside World.... 

    Secondly, our Legal team, Marketing Branding team and Compliance team EXPECTS to see Official Product Names on the Ideas Portal... nothing else.

    One way to solve this problem is by using similar mechanism used in Email systems, Display Name tied to actualy email-address.

  • Max Cascone commented
    December 09, 2016 21:03

    I really really want this, I would have expected it honestly since it's already importing the products anyway.

    Following on Ravi's comment below, the existing Custom Terminology settings could be used for internal-vs-external product naming. 

  • Dean McBain commented
    December 13, 2016 22:34

    We wish to use the Ideas portal for our whole organisation (~900 people)  and not just for products, they might also include process improvements within the business, it should also be very simple to use for the user. So by creating a minimal set of product/process buckets to choose from the person generating the idea only has 6 options to choose from. We dont want them selecting from a large pick list.

    At the back end a small group of product/process owners then assign the idea to the most appropriate product/process. This works well however once the new product is assigned the idea disappears from the portal and is lost to people who may wish to contribute or follow.

    If the Idea's portal could be slightly modified to still have a short pick of list of products but still show all products then this would be ideal. A product view column could be added to the configuration list. Please see attached.

  • Soumen Sarkar commented
    February 08, 2017 17:59

    Hello -- I am adding my voice to the feature request that idea category should be at a product line level. For example, I have a product line named "DevOps" and there are several products in DevOps product line. An hierarchy of idea categories makes sense to setup at DevOps product line level and then reuse the idea category hierarchy for products under product line. As you know -- product line hierarchy can be arbitrarily deep -- so it should be possible to setup idea category hierarchy as high up as possible. 

  • Max Cascone commented
    April 03, 2017 15:44

    Even just being able to select a Product Line to be included in the portal, and not only Products, would be a good improvement over the current paradigm.

  • Claudia Rudolph commented
    July 12, 2017 04:19

    I can't imagine why I'd want to show a different product-line/product hierarchy for my Private ideas portal vs. my Public ideas portal.  The only difference for our product set is that all future products aren't visible for the Public portal, but the Product-Line hierarchy remains the same.  Maybe you can show us an example of where it wouldn't work for someone?

    I *really* don't like it that my product list is not only "flattened", but it's all stirred up by showing it alphabetical.  I can't even put "Other" (for Other ideas) at the bottom of the list.  Please just let me show the hierarchy I've configured (with select products hidden as you do today).