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Categories Ideas portal
Created by Bastian Schoell
Created on Nov 2, 2021
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit APP-I-2453 Incorporate product lines in ideas portal product list and category list.

Ideas Portal to support AHA native hierarchy of lines/products Merged

When we add many product workspaces to an idea portal, the list of products is on the left is long and unwieldy and doesn't reflect any of the Company>Line>Product hierarchy. The positive benefit is that ideas are shown together in one portal and that they end up already in their own product workspace. However, when you have 60 products, the list becomes overwhelming due the fact that it's been totally flattened.

Workaround provided: the only way to show an organized, hierarchical view is to use a single idea workspace to collect ideas and to use Categories which can nest in a hierarchy. This causes as many problems as it fixes:

  1. categories are totally disconnected from AHA's hierarchy and the user is forced to re-create the whole product line/product tree in the form of categories.

  2. Ideas reside in a collector workspace and no longer show up in the product workspace, so PMs have to go to the idea workspace to work on ideas instead of using normal top-nav.

  3. All assignment and management has to be done based on categories, which in our case means a large number of automation rules (category > pm assignment). SO, neither solution is good.

  4. Categories are in no way shape or form linked to a product.

The feature suggestion is to simply render the list of workspaces (products) that are part of an ideas portal in the same hierarchy in which the workspaces exist in the overall AHA hierarchy. This hierarchy would work exactly like the categories work now (counting ideas per workspace, collapse and expand), but should be based on the inherent hierarchy of the workspaces within aha.