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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on May 5, 2020

Add Visual Effort Indicator to Features on Starter Roadmap

Our business stakeholders, rightfully so, need to understand the level of effort involved in the various items on our roadmaps. At the most basic level, this equates to showing them the number of developers involved in a given item (epic/feature), not just the timeline.

It would be very valuable if there was a way to show this visually on the starter roadmap. So in addition to setting the timeline (dates) in the started roadmap, I propose that you allow users to make each item taller or shorter, depending on the level of effort (or the number of developers working on any given roadmap item simultaneously). This would essentially allow us to visually represent the “person-weeks” involved in getting something done…visually showing 3 developers for one month is very different from 1 developer for 3 months from a business stakeholder standpoint.

The stakeholders want to know when things will get done, but if we only show 3 things getting done in the next month, but we have 12 developers working those 3 things, we need to show that each thing is using 4 developers’ effort. Otherwise we get the question of “what else is everyone working on?”

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