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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Charles Ralston
Created on Feb 25, 2022

Ability to Compare Scenarios Visualized in Roadmaps

Goal: be able to compare scenarios based on capacity but viewable via roadmap visualization.

Benefit: easier to explain to various stakeholders and also do on-the-fly swapping of features/epics

Example: use the dates from the advanced estimates or taking that a bit furthert, could some logic be built to use those dates and apply the estimated hours accordingly to build out the visualization? So, as quick/overly-simplified example:

- Start/end: 3/1-4/30

- Est: 25hrs in March + 15hrs in April

- Logic picks a start date that allows the 25 hrs to end on 3/31 and then picks up the 15 hrs starting on 4/1

- Other features are aligned based on priority score, team assignment(s), and respective dates.

- Then, having some sort of drag-and-drop (or similar) function to do the on-the-fly planning.

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