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Created on Oct 24, 2019

Introduction of further customization user permissions

It would be wonderful if Aha! had the option to customize user permissions when it comes to adding or editing ideas, adding or editing features, etc. For example, one user could have permission to only work with requirements while not having the opportunity to work with features. This idea could be extended to customization opportunity for all aspects of the Aha! platform.

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  • Shri Iyer
    Jun 18, 2024

    Customizing the navigation within the aha roadmaps tool is very critical. Certain types of users don't need to see every single feature of Aha. What lands up happening is them clicking around, no getting the context and following up with PMs thereby wasting our time. If this cannot be provided at a granular individual user account level, then a simple solution would be to allow admins to customize the navigation setting (see attached screen shot) by the permissions (or roles) i.e. reviewer, viewer, contributor owner. This need is becoming quite critical. Users have no context about all of the features the tool provides and get overwhelmed. The brunt of their inquiry on what, why, where, when etc. falls on admins and other paid seat users. Please prioritize this urgently.

  • Kevin Scribner
    May 29, 2024

    I agree with the other comments on this. I want to grant my internal users the ability to see Ideas for the customer they're working with but not have access to other areas outside of Ideas. I could see this as an extention to the user permissions so that in addition to the workspaces a user can access, restrict/grant access to the top-level areas such as Strategy, Releases, Ideas, etc.

  • Carl Nelson
    Mar 7, 2024

    This would help us out, I want to restrict the users that can promote ideas to Features but at the same time have a team of people who are able to update features and capture requirements. The current solution for user management doesn't allow for this and isn't granular enough, I can only restrict the option to create features by removing the ability to edit features totally, which for us doesn't work with our resource and team structure, I have BA's and a Product Team, BA's work in the requirements, product team manage the backlog, features, priority and the promotion of ideas etc.

  • David Langley
    Jul 24, 2023

    This would be extremely helpful to the product team, as we would like to give access only to the Ideas area for our Support and Services team to help manage Ideas prior to our team moving them forward as a feature.

  • David Barber
    Apr 19, 2023

    This is absolutely critical for us. Our customer success team is the first line of engagement around gathering requests, building requirements, and fleshing out Ideas. Our product team then takes these Ideas and promotes to Features as part of the regular roadmapping process. We need to be able to assign specific users (or ideally user groups) to determine what actions they can perform on which objects (Ideas, Features, Epics, etc.) It would be even more valuable if we can configure these types of entitlements down to the field level (what fields can a given user/group read/write/update for a given object, layout, etc.)


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