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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Account settings
Created by Nathaniel Collum
Created on Jan 8, 2019

Advanced product permissions for users

I like that Aha! allows me to share my product data with my organization, but I need more granular controls over who can create, read, update, and delete data.

It would be great if I could create custom roles and assign them to users.

Additionally, I need the ability to hide some pages altogether. For example, when I grant Viewer access to a product, they can view every page of that product data (Goals, Initiatives, etc.). For some user types, this will be more information than they need. I'd love if it I could hide pages by user role.

    Jan 9, 2019

    We currently have 4 tiers of users permissions within Aha! (product owners, contributors, reviewers and viewers). We don't currently have component level permissions, but one workaround would be to create a new Product and include some of the more secure information within a product that only some users have access to.

    At this time, we do not have plans to make changes to the user permissions model based on community feedback and our current goals and initiatives.

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  • Amol Naik
    Mar 15, 2021

    I am surprised why this feature is not being implemented. It would make it so much easier to give access to different personas and restrict what they can view inside the product. Creating a new product and maintaining the same information in two products is not a feasible solution.