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Categories Knowledge base Notes
Created by Emily Yankush
Created on Mar 21, 2024

Separate permission for publishing to a KB

What is the challenge?

Knowledge base content can be stored in the same workspace the product team uses to set strategy, track features, etc.

However, just because someone has the ability to edit Roadmap data does not mean they should have the ability to publish public documentation.

How would you solve it?

Add a publishing permission that can be applied to a user.

What impact would it make?

Allow for the KB content to be managed in the product workspace while maintaining publishing control.

    May 24, 2024

    You can now restrict which Contributors are allowed to publish KB documents!

    To configure this, open Settings > Account > Custom roles. Add or edit a custom workspace role, and check the box for Publish knowledge base content.

    Next, in Settings > Users, assign this role to the users who should be allowed to to publish knowledge base drafts.

    And finally, navigate to knowledge base settings and enable the option "Only uses with a custom role may publish."

    Custom roles are included as part of Enterprise+, and you can learn more about configuring them here.

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