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Status Future consideration
Categories Knowledge base
Created by Mike Lowery
Created on Jun 12, 2024

Allow team members with Aha! Develop permissions to be able to add and update research notes on features from Aha! Roadmaps

What is the challenge?

When features are assigned to a team in Aha! Develop, team members that don't have roadmap permissions can not add additional documentation to the research tab as it attempts to add the notes to the Roadmap level Knowledge Base not the Develop one.

What is the impact?

People have to manually add notes in Develop Notes, then go back to the research tab on the feature and link it there.

Describe your idea

Allow Develop only customers to be able to update the research notes on features that are assigned to their team.

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  • Alexey Zimarev
    Jun 17, 2024

    Current permissions model creates severe workflow distractions because users with Aha! Develop seat have access to change properties of roadmap items as soon as the item is assigned to the team, but they can't collaborate on designs due to knowledge base permissions issue.

    It's especially frustrating because users with Develop seat also have access to Essentials for Knowledge and Whiteboards, but there's no permission for them to create notes and whiteboards in Roadmaps (which would be ideal) as it requires "Contributor" role and requires a Roadmaps seat.