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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories User management
Created by Prasad GVS
Created on Mar 23, 2023

User Management moved from Main Menu to Product line settings

I have to manage more than 100+ users on a regular basis in Aha!.

With the latest change, the Users tab has been moved to Product Line/Product which is adding to number of clicks everytime to add/manage/remove users.

To add to the pain, there is no user search enabled with the new version. I will have to parse through 4-5 pages to find the user I am looking for.

Appreciate if you can rollback the change and have it under the Info/Notebook sub-menu ASAP, please.

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  • Admin
    Nathaniel Collum
    Mar 31, 2023

    Thank you for sharing your feedback. I can understand how you feel.

    We are unlikely to move "Users" back to the top nav, but we are tracking an idea here that may solve for your use case:

    I also wanted to share that it is possible to search and filter on the new users page. Please reach out to us at if that's not working for you though. We'd be happy to take a look.