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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 1, 2023

Enhanced User Management Functionality

Who would benefit?

Aha Admins

What impact would it make?

Higher confidence in changes to user access and less time to make those changes.

How should it work?

In User Management, allow me to select all users in a population and deselect certain individuals without deselecting all users not on the current page.

For example, if I have 500 users and click select all but then deselect one user, the total selected population goes to 19 (20 users displayed per page, minus the one I deselected). I want the total population to be 499, not 19.

With a large user base, any changes to teams/newly created areas/infrastructure are currently cumbersome to implement. We have subsets of users whose access we do not want to change but are unable to exclude them from mass edits due to current functionality.

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